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jenn bradshaw about page-01Date: August 24 2017
Location: On Line
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Initially this class was developed to be an introduction class, to teach people how to read their own chart. It still is for the most part that. However, as we get to the end of the class, the hope, and spin I’ve put on this class is for you to be able to confidently read your chart, the current transits and have developed an amazing relationship with the stars so that you will regularly consult them.

Now that’s not to say you’ll stop listening to other astrologers forecasts or that you decide you want to become an astrologer yourself – that’s not the point of this class. The point is for you to be able to discern whether or not the astrological happenings are effecting you. And if you do feel they are effecting you, what does that mean for you? What are you going to do (or not do) to embrace that energy more? Or how can you stay centered in your own destiny and not be whisked away up into the astrological happenings?

This course is not going to certify you to become an astrologer, there’s plenty of amazing long time Master Astrologers out there doing this. However, here’s what this course will cover.

This course is going to cover:
– The Elements
– The Planets
– The Zodiac Signs
– Understanding your Sun, Moon and Ascendant Signs
– Aspects
– The Houses
– Progressed Moon Cycles