Experience Astrology

Explore how to live and understand astrology for personal guidance and deeper awareness.

jenn bradshaw about page-01Date: July 2017
Location: On Line
Cost: $777
We will begin this series of classes learning about your sun, moon and rising sign – the basics of any natal chart. We will also discuss the history of astrology, the elements that will balance your natal chart, the general personalities of the planets, the zodiac signs and defining what an aspect is vs a transit by a brief look at the cardinal, fixed and mutable modalities. The intention of this course is to make it simple, easy and definitely fun to understand astrology. We will build on this discussion so that you may learn to have a deeper appreciation and understanding of yourself to navigate life with more ease.

Modern Day Healing Arts Program

A curious adventure and exploration into the sacred sciences for foundational understanding.

jenn bradshaw about page-01Date: Coming Fall of 2017
Location: On-line
Cost: TBD
This is a self-study program to explore a few aspects of the holistic tools and modalities that I use in my practice. This is not a certification program. They are individual courses for you to become more familiar with these things. They include but are not limited to: essential oils, flower essences, gem essences, crystals, embracing your cycles and rhythms, connecting to your body and desires, why you don’t always relate to your sun sign, muscle testing/dowsing and more!  Click here for more information.